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Google has, yet again, brought technology to our everyday life with an app that improves the way we take photos. Google Photos organises your photos and backs them up so that you never lose any special moment and it prevents you from running out of space on your device. 

With unlimited storage, you won't need to be always checking your phone and deleting photos. Google Photos automatically creates a back up for your photos and videos, keeping them safe and private, entirely for free. To access them, go to on any device. 

By backing up your photos, this app allows you to delete the files you won't be needing from your device. You can also search by people, places and things without even having to tag them, as Google Photos can detect them immediately. 

Give a little sparkle to your photos with the app's collages, animations, movies and panoramas. If you don't finde any you like, you can create your own! With advanced editing features such as colour and lighting adjustments, vignettes and contrast adaptation, your photos will gain professional quality. There are also 14 filters to choose from to take them one step further. 

Google Photos allows you to tell a story without having to spend hours editing your content by automatically getting an album with your best and latest pictures, which you can then share with your friends or invite them to join the album. By sharing the album with someone, you avoid sending photos via email or text, as they can access them right from the app. 

Lastly, this app will create special montages with your best memories on special days and you can display your photos on your TV using Chromecast support, so download now!

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